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I went to Fairfield for kindergarten and "kidnapped" a boy I thought was cute. ) family seemed to think I was trying to give away a free coke ($.10 in those days). I still can't stand the smell of fast food burgers and fries. Enjoyed the comments on the great Massapequa Pizza debate especially the recollection of the Pizza Supreme roof of the mouth burn that seemed to happen every single time you ate a slice. And now its time to address the world famous All American Hamburger Drive In but from the insiders (as in former employees)perspective.

He came home with me one day and his parents had the police out looking for him. Truth is I had a mad crush on Billy Vultagio and would never have betrayed the family trust. With the scattering of south shore Long Island natives throughout the world the legend of All American has achieved global significance including of late being a feature on the "Kevin Can Wait" sitcom.

" and if the answer was "yes" I knew that I was not really going to be ill. We live in a different state now but he knows all about my memories of Massapequa Park...

I didn't appreciate them, of course, when I was growing up but, now that I am a Medicare card-carrying senior, my childhood and my early memories are so sweet.

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The time in Harbor Green was the best time in my childhood. I guess it was too much trouble for my parents to cart me back and forth. We had Mitzi's deli, and Dino's Pizza (which was actually quite decent.) There was also George's Jip Joint, and Chicken Delight. The first time I visited In n Out in Los Angeles I was shocked to see the interior colors, decor and menu items were a dead ringer for All American.It was a lovely place to grow up with the ocean breeze in the air all the time. The first Massapequa was on the very west end of town, bordering Seaford.To the secretive author of Massapequa, how I miss thee, thank you. I lived there on top of my dad's deli until I was 6 years old.I would of never guess that 20 years or so I was gonna leave, but I have made a new home. So if anyone is from class of 1975 and you are still living either on your old street or still in Massapequa some where... When my family moved to Old Westbury, in 1970, Mrs. The diner at the outdoor mall, was great place for any kid to visit because of the ever interesting, wallpaper of dogs playing poker. Unfortunately she never read your letter as she passed away Dec. My artistic talent was not award worthy, but I had a good time. Some of our favorite places to name a few were: Tastee Bakery, we used to go there after Church on Sunday's and get Kaiser Rolls, salt sticks and buns for breakfast. We also used to go to Zornes Poultry and get chicken, potato salad and coleslaw for a treat. I went into the Air Force after school, got married a couple of times and the rest is history. I'm sure no one else is interested in my life story. Some time before the supermarket across from John J Burns Park became Hills it was called Dilbert's.

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